Bastards of the Universe!!!

They're BACK!!! 

Klep and Saint are coming after the Universe in the upcoming sequel!!! Nothing and no one is safe!!

This entire album has a very villainous, and mischievous vibe to it!!! TEN brand new, hard hittin', instant classic bangers…

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Show season is O V E R!!!

What's good ya'll?!?!

It's been a minute since the last update, the Killaz been rockin' mad shows around some local areas and building a solid team with Shattered Dreams Entertainment!!! We have a lot planned for 2022!! For now…

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"MAN OF STEAL" drops 8/05/22!!!

We got Klep's solo album droppin' August 5th!! 7 new solo tracks, with one track having two features! The new single Jetpack with Majik Duce and Saint Sinna (NOW STREAMING). Check out the track list for "Man of Steal":


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Next Klep Single 'Bout to Blast Off!!!

JULY 1ST!!!! We got the next single, from the homeboy Klep, droppin'!! "Jetpack" features longtime homie Majik Duce, and Bio Killaz' own Saint Sinna!! Below is the cover art, below that is the pre-save link for July 1st!!!

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Spring Smash 2022!!!

Catch the Bio Killaz at the Spring Smash Music Festival THIS WEEKEND!!! On 5/28 it goes TF down in Hillsdale, Mi featuring a grip of dope emcees, DJ's, and bands!! There will be food vendors, 2 bars, merch booths, and…

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cody. Joins Shattered Dreams Entertainment!!!!

It is with great honor we welcome our brother in joining us on Shattered Dreams Entertainment!!  cody. has been making moves, rocking shows, and droppin' fire for years now and has recently rebranded himself. He has just dropped his debut…

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"cody." Album Release Party!!!



The BIO KILLAZ are excited to announce that we are on the bill for the homie cody.'s album release party.

The emcee formerly known as HiZe will be bringin' the heat under his rebrand, and he's stacked up…

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Klep "When, Boy?" Drops New Years Day!!!

Happy Holidays to all you Killaz out there steady killin' it the best you can this season!! Ya boy Klep got a single droppin' New Year's Day!!! If you're extra ambitious it technically drops when the clock hits midnight bringin'…

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The homie RICK DOGG's Birthday SHOW!!!!

We got the next show announcement for ya!! Bio Killaz got asked by the loooooong time homie, Rick Dogg, to hop on his Birthday Show! This man was one of the first to believe in us way back in the…

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