Kleppy's 420 Sale!!

Sale is officially live!!! Will run until next Saturday! Make sure you take advantage of Klep's fuck up, and most importantly: enjoy your weekend!!!




Our homies $hallowGrave got us poppin' into Club Bnetley's on March 23rd!! Come catch thw first Bio Killaz performance of 2024!! All the details fr the event are on  the flyer below:



Slashing it's way through the Underground comes the “Bo Peep” Killer to cause mayhem throughout your Halloween weekend!! Join us on an the tale of the urban legend of the Bo Peep killer. A serial killer only imagined and rumored…

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OCTOBER 27TH!!! Bio Killaz present “Bo Peep”, a 4 track EP surrounding the Urban Legend of The Bo Peep Killer!! This Halloween Themed album will be accompanied by a gang of dope new merch too! The tracklisting for this entirely…

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New drops!!!


First up we got “When The Darkness Falls”, and this is actually the very first single from the final installment of the Bastard's Saga!! This one is a lil' more somber, and touches up on a lot…

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Bastards of the Universe!!!

They're BACK!!! 

Klep and Saint are coming after the Universe in the upcoming sequel!!! Nothing and no one is safe!!

This entire album has a very villainous, and mischievous vibe to it!!! TEN brand new, hard hittin', instant classic bangers…

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Show season is O V E R!!!

What's good ya'll?!?!

It's been a minute since the last update, the Killaz been rockin' mad shows around some local areas and building a solid team with Shattered Dreams Entertainment!!! We have a lot planned for 2022!! For now…

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"MAN OF STEAL" drops 8/05/22!!!

We got Klep's solo album droppin' August 5th!! 7 new solo tracks, with one track having two features! The new single Jetpack with Majik Duce and Saint Sinna (NOW STREAMING). Check out the track list for "Man of Steal":


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