Hailing from Michigan are Saint Sinna and Klep, collectively known as the Bio Killaz. Growing up listening to hip-hop they started a group at the age of 13, with three members originally. Saint and Klep consistently got together and kept the group going and are still at it today! Inspired only by impressive lyricism, no one fathers their style, they are the bastards of rap!!

Currently, there is only 1 album released to the public through this website and other major music platforms! (Spotify, iTunes, Google, etc.) Soon to release the newest album in the last decade! With so much planned in advance for the reboot of the Bio Killaz.

If you're looking for a fresh new sound in the hip-hop scene, what we have in store may be just for YOU!! A decade of silence from the Killaz and the time is now for us to rise!!

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