Blackout Tuesday

In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement we stand together in the good fight for true equality. All music has been temporarily removed and the store shutdown in support of Black Tuesday. More than that though, I urge you to PLEASE open up your hearts and show love, compassion, and support for the peaceful protests in honor of George Floyd, and all people of color who have been innocently abused, incarcerated, and murdered by corrupt law enforcement. Now, more than ever, we need to be united and stand up for what is right. I could sit here and type for hours about a subject, that in 2020, we shouldn't STILL have to be talking about. Racism is taught, hate is taught, and it needs to stop. That starts with every single living being. Sit your children down and talk to them about this if you haven't already. Speak out against racism. No matter your ethnicity, just remember that right now it's everyone vs. racists. Love all your brothers and sisters of our human race equally, and that is when we will have change. 

In Loving Memory of George Floyd


- Brandon Traxler (Klep)

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