2.0 is LIVE!!!

Our newest single is now live!! Bio Killaz present "2.0" available now! You can bump this on the site's music player, or download the single from the 'music' tab!! This is being dropped here first, as will all of major news, singles, music videos, etc. Moving forward, we wanna make sure that those who are down enough to come to this site get the hook up first! Join the mailing list for even MORE perks! We dropped this single last night to those Killaz!!! Peep the ad for the single below:

To explain that extra logo there also, we are now under the label of Shattered Dreams Entertainment that we have been organizing and creating on the down low! Everything Bio KillazĀ from this moment on will be dropped under this label!! We're just getting started, so keep up with us!! Bio Killaz 2.0 baby!!!

Mad Love,

-Bio Killaz

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