Big News Coming Soon!!!

Whaddup ya'll? Klep here again with a super dope update for that ass!! The new Bio Killaz album is in the final phases of recording and laying the extras down for it! We have a title, 16 brand new tracks, three dope ass features, and a few surprises up our sleeves as we get closer to the release!! I personally cannot wait to unleash this beast of an album upon the world!!!

It's been YEARS since we fucked around and opened up "Pandora's Box", unleashing torment for far more than "7 Years of Blood, Sweat, N' Tears". Some have even prophesied that, for the Bio Killaz, opening up that Box was "The End". Fuck that!!! We got a sick blood lust addiction for the game, like zombies to rotting flesh, and we all know that "Sometimes They Come Back"!!! We're some real hungry Bastards over here, and ya'll about to see it first hand!!

Lastly, this pandemic has put an abrupt halt to normalcy for damn near the entire world, so who really knows when you will be able to catch us live again!?! All shows in the works have either been postponed for the year, or cancelled. The important part is, take care of you and yours! Things will balance eventually, keep pushing through and do you! We had hoped upon this release to throw a huge release party and celebrate the new era of Bio Killaz we are entering, but all we can truly promise is that we will make the release of this album an event regardless. Whatever we gotta do to make this special for us and ya'll is exactly what the fuck is up!!! Stay tuned, the updates are coming, and stay safe!! 



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