Bio Killaz 2020 Update

What's good y'all?!?! It's Klep here with an update for that ass!!! It's been a minute since I've updated anything on the dot com, so here we are!!!

Bio Killaz still has an album in the works, it's been a crazy ride, but it IS still happening!!! I'm not going to go into too much major detail but "Sometimes They Come Back" is, and will only ever be, a SINGLE. The album has taken a different direction than we had originally anticipated, as it has progressed and that title for the album just wasn't as fitting as our new project's name!! More details will be made available as we get closer we get to completion. 

Up next, Bio Killaz have officially accepted their first event invitation this year to perform! More details will be made available soon under SHOWS as they are confirmed and available!! 

There is more going on, and soon I'll be back more regularly with updates! Just wanted to drop a post to let ya'll know this site isn't dead!!! Stay tuned...

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