You Bastards!!!

Yooooo! Look, I know it's been forever since any sort of update, and this isn't gonna be mind blowing. Haha, just keepin' it real! What we can tell you is that we've just finished mixing and mastering the new Bio Killaz LP, and we're heading to the final stages before release. We have an upcoming photo shoot, video shoot, and that'll pretty much be a wrap! We've got so much more in store, but we've been planning this out and have a particular agenda. I just wanted to reach out, and let ya'll know that we're alive, music and more is on the way!

To start a small bit of hype, this WILL be our official rebirth, reboot, re-whateverthefuck of Bio Killaz. A 2.0 version, if you will. Once we get it back and going, it's permanent and not slowing down. When we first started making new tracks a while back, we started off immediately doing mad shows also. Personal lives were crazy at the time, and we spent a lot of time just getting the future mapped out. At this point we have multiple studio sessions set up per week, and a strict schedule we follow to bring all this new heat. It's coming soon, along with some major new Bio Killaz announcements! Thanks for the love and support ya'll!