Of Some Rap Shit

This post is just what the title says, that's it. It is of some rap shit. No hidden message or anything. Things are coming real soon! We've been keeping pretty quiet on social media, but things are definitely poppin'! For those who frequent this official dot com though, I can drop a little bit of info what's coming. The album art with full track listing, some ads, a single, and a video for said single will all be coming within the next month! That might not seem like a whole lot, but shortly after we'll be dropping the whole 15 track LP! In between the mentioned 'drops' and the album we gotta pretty significant announcement as well, a new, dope ass beginning! THEN, after the release we're also ready to announce what's next for Bio Killaz! We've got a whole game plan, and no intentions of slowing down once we start this new reboot of the upgraded version of Bio Killaz 2.0! We got our Official Pages and outlets all ready for this new era when launch time comes. You'll be seeing us interacting with video drops on our official YouTube page, and most social media platforms through our Official Bio Killaz outlets! I'm out for now! Soon.


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