Christmas is coming!!!

What's good ya'll? The holidays are upon us! Grab some Bio Killaz gear for stocking stuffers!!! I mean, that's ultimately your call as a parent, but the homies would appreciate a dope ass BK beanie to keep that dome warm this season!!! Gonna drop a lil' preview of one the ads we're gonna roll out on Monday!!! Our newer merch items will be the green backgrounds, while the older/on sale merch will have a blue backdrop! We're steady working on new material, merch, and another lil' hush hush project at the moment, but in the meantime we'd love you for eternity if you helped us spread the word about "Bastards of Rap" to all your people!!!

P.S. The red and grey beanies are ALMOST sold TF out!!!! Act fast if you wanna grab one of those specifics!!

Happy Holidaze,

-Bio Killaz Team