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Kleppy's 420 Sale!! 

Sale is officially live!!! Will run until next Saturday! Make sure you take advantage of Klep's fuck up, and most importantly: enjoy your weekend!!!




Our homies $hallowGrave got us poppin' into Club Bnetley's on March 23rd!! Come catch thw first Bio Killaz performance of 2024!! All the details fr the event are on  the flyer below:



Slashing it's way through the Underground comes the “Bo Peep” Killer to cause mayhem throughout your Halloween weekend!! Join us on an the tale of the urban legend of the Bo Peep killer. A serial killer only imagined and rumored to terrorize college campus' all across the midwest…. until now. Bo Peep is headed nationwide to wreak havoc at every given opportunity this weekend. Stay on the lookout, for the Bo Peep Killer!!!

CLICK HERE - To experience “Bo Peep” as told by the Bio Killaz


Happy Halloween from Klep & Saint!!!



OCTOBER 27TH!!! Bio Killaz present “Bo Peep”, a 4 track EP surrounding the Urban Legend of The Bo Peep Killer!! This Halloween Themed album will be accompanied by a gang of dope new merch too! The tracklisting for this entirely Horrorcore EP is:

  1. Urband Legend Intro
  2. Slow Creep
  3. No Sleep
  4. Go Deep
  5. Bo Peep



New drops!!! 


First up we got “When The Darkness Falls”, and this is actually the very first single from the final installment of the Bastard's Saga!! This one is a lil' more somber, and touches up on a lot of what's wrong with our world today. Give it a spin on all streaming platforms!!


Shattered Dreams Entertainment and cody. team up to bring ya'll “The Train” !!! A track with a force to be reckoned with!! Killer guitar riffs from Beatbox Jake, an insane verse from cody. and The Killaz come raw as always!! 


Stay tuned for a brand new EP this FALL, and The Bastards RETURN for the finale in 2024!!!

Bastards of the Universe!!! 

They're BACK!!! 

Klep and Saint are coming after the Universe in the upcoming sequel!!! Nothing and no one is safe!!

This entire album has a very villainous, and mischievous vibe to it!!! TEN brand new, hard hittin', instant classic bangers from tha killaz!! 

With only one feature on the album, you get full doses of BK on their fuck-shit!!! 

Dope ass artwork for the physical copies, a grip of brand new merch, and the upcoming Shattered Dreams: The Weekend Warriors Tour are all coming in February of 2023!!!

The first single, "Descent", AND the accompanied lyric video will be announced in the very near future!!!

Much love!!!



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