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Merch Drop Monday #2 (With special Introduction!!) 

Hope ya'll are having a great start to your week so far!! Next up for our Merch Drop Monday is our screen printed Bio Killaz Logo shirts! We have moved on from the vinyl and will no longer be pressing that style up. This will always be a permanent item moving forward, and these boys look SICK in person!!! They are printed on Gildan brand shirts, sizes small through 3XL, and will be available at the Bastards of Rap Release Party on 10-22 at Carl's Tavern!!


Next we would like to introduce our Official Merch Man, whom we have dubbed "Merch Man Matt". Matt grew up with the Killaz and has always had undying love and support for the brand and the movement! You'll be seeing him at every show we rock slangin' that dope ass BK Merch for us! He's also a hell of a beat boxer, so try to get him to flex them skills while you're making a purchase! Help us in welcoming 3M in officially being part of Bio Killaz!!! We love you bro bro, and appreciate all the work you put in!!!


Catch ya'll killaz next week, with another new Merch Drop!!! Get out there and kill everything you're tryna accomplish!!!

Much love,

-Bio Killaz

Merch Drop Monday #1 

What's good ya'll? Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend! We're less than 3 weeks away from the release of our new album "Bastards of Rap"!!! In honor of this, we've decided to drop a new merch item preview every week until the release!!! Remember, these items will be available FIRST to those who attend our album release party at Carl's Tavern in New Haven, Indiana! We should probably save the best for last, but I suppose that's all a preference thang anyway! So we're gonna start with the Killaz' themselves favorite new piece of gear! We present to you, The OFFICIAL Bio Killaz Logo Charm:

Check back with us next Merch Drop Monday to see what else we got for ya'll!!! 

One Love,


Bastards of Rap Release Party 10-22-21!!!! 

What the fuck is up ya'll?!?!? The time has come for our album to drop, and we're having a PARTY!!! 

Join us at Carl's Tavern on October 22nd to celebrate the release of our full length album 'Bastards of Rap"!!!

We will have some dope ass new merch items dropping for this release that will be available first to those who come out!!

Peep the flyer below!!

Redrum Feat. Madd Maxxx!!!! 

Coming next Friday, is our second single from our upcoming album "Redrum" featuring the homie Madd Maxxx!! For those who have seen us live, we've done this one a time or three. For the first time we got to perform the track in it's entirety at Maxxx's Hip-Hop Zombies show at Carl's Tavern! For those in attendance of Nastie Bash this weekend you'll get to see us three mad men lose our shit yet again!! We hope ya'll enjoy the show, and dig the new single dropping 9/24!!!


Clearance Sale, While Supplies Last!!! 

As always, we gave first dibs to the mailing list squad (So join that shit!) but....

What's good ya'll? Hope ya'll been good, hope ya'll enjoyed 2.0, and I hope ya'll wanna take advantage of this insane clearance sale! All the gear we're running out of press and never repressing is now on sale for $5.00 a product! This is to make room for our new merch that is on order, and starting to arrive in. We got a release date set ya'll. We got a release party in planning ya'll!!!! We're almost ready... Until then, jump on this dope ass deal, super select sizes on various items and only while supplies last!!!

Nastie Bash Weekend 

We're just weeks away from the epic event Nastie Bash Weekend!!! Of course Bio Killaz gotta pull up to this wil'in' ass show!!! We hit the stage on Saturday, but the entire weekend is gonna be off the chain, peep the flyer below, and check the "shows" page for all upcoming events that we'll be at!!!

2.0 is LIVE!!! 

Our newest single is now live!! Bio Killaz present "2.0" available now! You can bump this on the site's music player, or download the single from the 'music' tab!! This is being dropped here first, as will all of major news, singles, music videos, etc. Moving forward, we wanna make sure that those who are down enough to come to this site get the hook up first! Join the mailing list for even MORE perks! We dropped this single last night to those Killaz!!! Peep the ad for the single below:

To explain that extra logo there also, we are now under the label of Shattered Dreams Entertainment that we have been organizing and creating on the down low! Everything Bio Killaz from this moment on will be dropped under this label!! We're just getting started, so keep up with us!! Bio Killaz 2.0 baby!!!

Mad Love,

-Bio Killaz

New Single Droppin' 7/23/21!!! 


For those of ya'll on the mailing list, you got this lil' sneak peek last night!! Just one of the perks of joining!! We'll never spam you with bullshit, just hook it up with Official Bio Killaz news, and of course, the perks!! Those of you who are enrolled in this list by 7pm next Thursday will also get the single a day early, AND the free download for said single!!! We're back, rebooted, upgraded, and gonna keep this shit poppin'! Bio Killaz 2.0.


Catch ya'll next week,

-Bio Killaz

Of Some Rap Shit 

This post is just what the title says, that's it. It is of some rap shit. No hidden message or anything. Things are coming real soon! We've been keeping pretty quiet on social media, but things are definitely poppin'! For those who frequent this official dot com though, I can drop a little bit of info what's coming. The album art with full track listing, some ads, a single, and a video for said single will all be coming within the next month! That might not seem like a whole lot, but shortly after we'll be dropping the whole 15 track LP! In between the mentioned 'drops' and the album we gotta pretty significant announcement as well, a new, dope ass beginning! THEN, after the release we're also ready to announce what's next for Bio Killaz! We've got a whole game plan, and no intentions of slowing down once we start this new reboot of the upgraded version of Bio Killaz 2.0! We got our Official Pages and outlets all ready for this new era when launch time comes. You'll be seeing us interacting with video drops on our official YouTube page, and most social media platforms through our Official Bio Killaz outlets! I'm out for now! Soon.


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